Construction and Land Loans

Hard money loans for construction and new land are generally a faster and easier alternative for acquiring the necessary financing for construction of a residential or commercial property. Conventional and traditional lenders can take upwards of 60-90 days to fund new construction and land loans, but hard money lenders can get you your required funding in just a couple of weeks!

We are an experienced lender for both construction and land loans in the Phoenix and surrounding area. We lend for both residential and commercial based loans, and will provide lending at any stage of the entitlement process. We fund construction deals very quickly and our clients are always very pleased with the simple construction and land loan process we have for our borrowers.

  • Land Banking and/or Option Financing
  • Raw Undeveloped Land
  • Plotted And Engineered Lots
  • Improved Lots
  • Commercial Units

We lend against construction or completion loans with flexible terms and rates. For more information on our rates and competitive terms, please contact us at (480) 351-5155, or fill out the following form a Hard Money Lenders Arizona representative will call you back.


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